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I am becoming an African independent film aficionado thanks to having a Video Americain store in my neighborhood. I discovered this store at its Takoma Park location when I was an undergraduate student taking a course titled ‘Film in a Global Society’. This is now years ago and is also how I discovered Ousmane Sembene. Anyways, somehow I found out that there is another location near where I live and I have decided to take full advantage of it. Actually as it so happens, this is the flagship store and was the original one – I believe there are only 3 or 4 locations all in the metro area.

I’ve discovered a new African actress that I like – Aissa Maiga. She is a Senegalese/Malian who moved with her parents to France when she was young and while she mostly makes independent African films seems to have made a breakthrough into the French movie industry. I have recently come across several of her movies and find them interesting. I’ve also watched, read several of her interviews and she seems like a ‘conscious’ person in the sense of caring about things like what roles she plays, African images in film, and other stuff like that.

She reminds me of Kiara Kabukuru. what do you think?

I’ll post some movie reviews of my own (not Eberts – sorry) on this blog whenever I watch one. I think they give so much insight into the African Psyche and worldview in postcolonial times and with globalization.

BTW, by African independent film – I am not really referring to Nollywood here (no hate for Nollywood – it is good entertainment), I am blogging about the type of film that one would find at independent film festivals e.g. FESPACO (the African Oscars), or Cannes etc…


From a Whisper…

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…is the title of the Kenyan movie that played as the first event of several over a number of days as part of passport to Africa. The turnout was good. I didn’t even know the title of the movie that was to play so the whole thing was a pleasant surprise. Wanuri Kahiu is the director of the movie that delivers a human dimension to the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania via a few main characters. It is set in Nairobi, Kenya and apparently (I didn’t know this) won 5 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) earlier this year. You can read more about this movie and the director on the Daily Nation.

Wanuri Kahiu (center) on location - photo taken from Daily Nation

Wanuri Kahiu (center) on location - photo taken from Daily Nation

Other than that, we also got free JAMATI T-shirts !

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