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Loving the color combo on Mrs. O here…


Beyonce does ‘African’ for March issue of l’Officiel 2011

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But what’s up with her face being painted black?…

Celeb sightings – Alicia Keys in busuuti

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Here Alicia Keys on a visit to Uganda adorns the Ugandan (Baganda) women’s dress also called the busuuti. The fabric and colors are just lovely!

Below is the cover of an issue of  ‘African Woman’ magazine featuring model in busuuti…

Celeb sightings – Michelle O. in Leso

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Even Michelle O. is seen here sporting a leso/kanga (East African fabric) top that is supposed to be from Suno’s collection…

Celeb sightings – Kelis in Jewel by Lisa

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Kelis (or her stylist) is quickly falling in love with Jewel by Lisa a Nigerian design label that is really making a name for itself. Kelis is sighted in several of her designs from different collections…

Top by Jewel by Lisa….I am loving this look

as seen on the runway (below)…

And then again on 106th and Park a skirt…

Images from

Celeb sightings – Estelle paying homage

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Estelle often pays homage to her African (Senegalese) roots by adorning dressing and jewelry from and by Africans.  See some of her various looks by different designers here…

In this last photo she is wearing kitenge (fabric) dress by Boxing Kitten standing next to its designer (on left).

Celeb sightings – Beyonce, Alicia Keys

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Kitenge is the name of this African fabric in Eastern Africa (also called Ankara in West Africa). Here Beyonce and Alicia Keys are sighted shooting their video in Brazil in designs by Boxing Kitten. Also seen in Kitenge fabric by the same designer are Solange and Fergie of Black Eyed Peas.

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