Revisiting Michelle Obama and Duro Olowu…

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This is a long overdue entry, thanks to a long hiatus I took from blogging, the last few years. My first ever blog entry was about a Mrs. O siting in Duro Olowu. That was before she was the first lady and getting pictures of her online required a little research. Since, she has been spotted dorning Duro Olowu on different occasions and while I’m sure I missed more, I just wanted to highlight some of the looks and pieces.







Duro Olowu is one of those African designers that has made it in mainstream fashion circles. In my view what makes him stand out really represents a sensibility that is not uncommon among African designers in general, but also among many African women (and of African descent) – a certain way with color and print mixing, as well as a certain slightly (seemingly) eclectic styling. Thanks to Mrs. O for highlighting this designer and his work.


Chimamanda’s Style

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So, I recently came across a blog documenting the Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s style and I must say I am definitely feeling her sense of coordination !

Here are some of her looks…





Find more at her style files

Kinshasa Fashion Week 2014

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Kinshasa Fashion Week 2014 has just concluded last week. I can only imagine how exciting it must have been. For more information check out the official website of Kinshasa Fashion Week.

I haven’t found related images for the 2014 shows but I came across images from Kinshasa Fashion Week 2013 (July 26-28) for an idea of what to expect…






Wear to work…

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Wear to work...

Untitled #88

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Untitled #88

Sophisticated edge

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Sophisticated edge

Untitled #86

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Untitled #86

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