French Vogue Cover – Black Model

February 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

For the first time in several years a black model has been placed on the French Vogue cover. Last year we had an Italian all black issue (which by the way all the articles were about black models and celebrities but none of the Ads were — the first 32 pages, I am talking. The anticipation of the “all-black issue” was so great that it triggered all this advertising in which they didn’t use black models ??) and now there is Vogue Black website that is all in Italian ?…I don’t understand it. I went to the site and one of the articles was on black hair — who is the target audience ? no, really ? Is this a ruse to increase possibly dropping sales ?…honestly, I wonder…and how long will this last?

Anyways ladies and gents the French Vogue Cover…A Dominican model – Rose Cordero.

One of the inside pages…


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