More African influences in fashion….

January 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

I love the clothing in this collection and would absolutely wear all the above looks. The (warmer) colors and styling are really appealing to the African sensibilities !

Paul Smith’s 2010 RTW is inspired by a book I came across and wanted to mention on this blog ‘Gentlemen of Bakongo’ – paying a nod to a group of well dressed Congolese men through great photography by a Daniele Tamagni. I should get a copy…

Book - Gentlemen of Bakongo

I love the fearlessness in these men – it’s fierce ! But I am troubled by the fact that while doing online research on this book, I found a lot of articles both Euro and African frowning upon this whole culture they have created. The claim – Africans are suffering from abject poverty and war. I am so sick and tired of reviews that have this opinion. It’s like – Give me a break!! Africans like to have fun too…they like clothes…they like dressing…and as a matter of fact they have always had flair for dressing and body art which for them is a form of expression. This is almost an excuse to preserve some stereotypical image of Africa if I may say so.

Plus, I highly doubt that these men are spending as much money as one would on ‘Savile row’ as some articles have tried to claim this is where their suits belong…my suspicion is they are turning used clothing into these fabulous ensembles you see. Anyway, this book is a real source of inspiration for real artists who care about art and joy and living amidst all else.


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