Oumou Sy

June 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Senegalese Designer - Oumou Sy

Senegalese Designer - Oumou Sy

Its probably better to refer to Oumou Sy as an artist. Well, yes she designs “clothing” but its mostly really just Art. An artist in the finest traditions of African Art. However, her works are so elusive on the internet (she doesn’t really have a website) that when I came I across these I simpy had to share. It almost doesn’t seem right that its not already all over the internet – African works (design, art etc) really lack exposure. We really need to put ourselves out there. Anyway, I found these on Flickr under (.ack-online.de’s) photostream. Thanks !

In case you don’t her, she is definitely not a new designer – you can Wikipedia her or something, her bio is online. She’s senegalese. She may be foreign in the American fashion scene but certainly not in the Art/Design scene in Africa or in Europe. This is not a new collection. In fact it may be from 2007. These pics are from an art exhibition that was held in Germany. Think of her as the crazy genius of her craft. Enjoy !











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