BezemyMailan – a new clothing label

June 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

Bezemymailan designs

When I first saw their promotional photos a little while back, I thought they were a little known music group. They reminded me of Les Nubians, a sister-act singing duo with a sultry afropean sound from France (via Africa). But not having heard anything from this ‘new group’ yet I decided to look them up. So, expecting to find tours or something like that, I was surprised when I learned that Bezemymailan is actually a clothing label ! See them here on their myspace page. They’re based out of Paris/London. Somehow, I just assumed they were a musical group with members from diverse ethnic backgrounds and their image was an effort incorporate all of them as part of a creative effort.

Well, a clothing label. I wonder if its me or if there may be a little bit of an overload going on here. I mean while I appreciate the idea of an ‘ethnic’ label, it seems to be a bringing together of a number of cultural (all african cultures?)influences all into one – a bit heavy. Granted, a lot of indigenous society arts resemble one another (from African to native American to Papua New Guinea or the Amazon) and one cannot definitively say what is what without having a trained eye. So, for example, it could be said to be all African (which is very diverse within itself). Bezemymailan appears (I don’t know if this is the case) to draw from everyone. Either a broad range of African or African combined with Native American, Asian, Aborigini and possibly other ‘ethnic’ (BTW, I find this term to be most obscure) clothing or decorative attire all seems to be rolled up into one look. A look at the campaign ads gives one the feeling of literally looking at a ‘collective’ of something or perhaps a ‘group’ of ‘tribal’ (another obscure term) peoples?. Maybe a globalizing of some sort? I suppose my slight skepticism comes for looking at what I am thinking is an effort at fusing a number of cultural concepts. Forgive me for I do not mean to criticize their effort at bringing this ethnic viewpoint into fashion.

From a business standpoint, I wonder if this label is sustainable. I would love to see the profile of their target market – Is it the African diaspora? or diaspora of various groups altogether? In some ways it reminds me of shopping in a bazaar which is what this really seems like. The kind of place you could find some special pieces.

Bezemymailan designs

Does the idea that I find the campaign ads aesthetically appealing and pleasing from an artistic perspective rather than a fashion sense make it seem like I am looking through a eurocentric lense? I mean I would wear some of these pieces especially jewelry…It’s definitely a ‘roots’ thing. Back to what we used to be but bringing it into the modern.



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  • shay says:

    sounds like you are looking through a major euro centric lense all i am going to say is look up gyaru and then look at how many ethnicities are wearing this JAPANESE look and then rethink your little article

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