Anthropologie tote bag

May 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

I love this store just because – wait for this one – I feel like I could have created it. How big headed of me, right? No, really I always felt like there was no store that could describe (see Gap, Express, Limited etc) me at the mall. Especially considering how much research goes into creating these stores to reach certain markets – I just sort of felt special. But someone figured it out. All you had to do was look at how well Indie designs, stores with foreign wares, and boutiques were doing to notice that there was a whole bunch of people out there that were shopping at these boutiques (see postlapsaria and etsy) and flea markets. Beyond that I was beginning to fall into the category of people that still wanted the indie design that grows with them into motherhood, change of lifestyle etc. Believe it or not there is also an over 30 crowd of women out there that prefer to distinguish themselves from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, or JCREW. Enter Anthropologie – I am now just another statistic of the marketing industry.

Anyway, its not like I really shop there – prices being a major reason – especially considering I can get a lot of these ‘styles’ from the boutiques and flea markets and traveling. But, I do go to see what they have from time to time and what bargains they are offering and also I have to say it’s really a fun store. So that’s how I came across a bag (this season) which reminds me of bags from Uganda – made from raffia I believe.

I also happen to know that you can get a similar item from Ten Thousand Villages. I was there just the other day and saw the ones from Uganda I mentioned (picture above). Sorry Anthropologie !


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